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I offer 1-1 tailored training programmes which are written to suit your ability level and lifestyle. Programmes are written for 6 weeks at a time which are known as ‘mesocycles’. These form part of a bigger picture plan of about 20-26 weeks known as a ‘macrocycle’.

For a new athlete we would ideally meet up and sit down to look at your current training and your goals. I would look at what you are doing now and advise on any immediate changes that may be useful.

Then we can talk about how your programme might look going forwards and a little about how you would like us to work together.

I would then write a brief contract along with your first 6 week programme, You sign and return the contract with your first payment and away we go.

We would review your training regularly. Most athletes send a weekly update mail with phone calls or meets as required. I ask you to drive this as I feel it is important for you to take responsibility for your own development.

Payment is made in advance either monthly or 6 weekly. You can pay in bigger blocks if you wish to.


Prices are as follows and are weekly
New athlete for one macrocycle £17.50
Second macrocycle and ongoing coaching work £15.00
Senior development athlete * £13.50
U23 development athlete £12.50
U20 athlete £11.50

* A development athlete is someone competing regularly at county or national level and/or finishing in the top 50 of national competitions (eg national x country) with an aspiration for further success in the future.

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  • emma stepto

Emma Stepto

Second fastest British V40 ever at the marathon and fastest British V45 ever over 5k.

What I learned from Emma is that you should not set limits on what you might achieve - and that despite incredible talent, you can still be humble and generous in your support and appreciation of others.

  • emma stepto

Rosie Clarke

Represented GB in Steeplechase at 2017 World championships and 2016 European championships, 2016 British Steeplechase champion. Other photos available from ollystabler.com.

I’ve learned from Rosie that incredible talent alone is not enough. But when carefully nurtured and combined with dedication and hard work, all things are possible.

  • emma stepto

Izzy Brinsden

Represented England as U20. In 2017 was 7th in the South of England x Country champs and 20th in National x country champs. Photo courtesy of Chris de Mauny.

I’ve learned from Izzy that staying healthy with consistent training is the key to great improvements. That having the ability to ‘beast’ a hill session is also helpful. Finally that the coaching relationship can reach a new level when hard work, friendship and challenge for the coach can comfortably sit alongside each other.

  • emma stepto

Mark Rabbetts

Has consistently achieved a mens' championship marathon time (sub 2.45) in 5 of the last 8 years all as a V40. And only narrowly outside on the other years.

I’ve learned from Mark that exceptional performances are possible even when the evidence suggests otherwise. Also the importance of loyalty in lasting friendship.